Priscilla Wakefield: On Economy, Education and Women’s Place in Society

Surfing 18th-century databases, library catalogues, taking notes and indulging in sessions of brainstorming has been my main occupation during this summer. Searching for a PhD project has proven an activity as frustrating as interesting. Granted, I have not found that one perfect original idea yet, but I have learnt a lot about other things in the... Continue Reading →


Newstead Abbey: Home of Byron

The first time I came across Newstead Abbey was when I received my second-hand copy of Leslie Marchand's "Byron: A Portrait". In the middle of the biography, as usual, there is a section with pictures and portraits, one of them, of a beautiful building, with a footnote that read "Newstead Priory, Nottinghamshire". I didn't know... Continue Reading →

Visiting Chatsworth House

During my recent trip to Sheffield I could not miss the chance to visit the nearby Chatsworth House, known for being the real life Pemberley (Pride and Prejudice, Joe Wright, 2005). The following is a brief account of my visit, featuring my friends Begoña and Jana, who came along with me to see me at... Continue Reading →

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